How to use Techni Ice

Techni Ice can be used as a hot pack, hot wrap, cold pack, cold wrap for effective pain relief. For an immediate injury you might want to put "ice" on it. Whereas for enduring long term relief many physiotherapists use it as a long-lasting heat wrap.

The first time you use Techni Ice, repeatedly scrunch the wafer thin sheet in warm water until cells are fully expanded.

Through one-way micro pores, Techni Ice will expand to a no-leak, water-filled, flexible 24-cell sheet.

Store in the freezer in preparation for cold therapy. Stays flexible when frozen, and can actually help lower the freezer temperature, helping save energy over time.

Store at room temperature in preparation for heat therapy, or to keep food or medicine warm.

Comfortably place/wrap cold therapy sheet. Will stay cold for hours.

Place  sheets in cooler to keep food and drinks cold for hours.

Heat it up in the microwave for 1-3 minutes (slight condensation on 1st use), and wrap in cloth. Can provide intense and penetrating heat for a variety of medical conditions and will stay warm for hours.

Repeat from step 4 for years to come... highly durable.

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