Techni Ice Is Australia's Best Selling Reusable Cooler Ice Pack

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Techni Ice ice pack lasts up to 6 times longer than bagged ice or gel packs in your cooler. It's patented refrigerant technology is allows it to freeze down to a lower temperature than bagged ice or gel packs in your freezer. For a fisherman or hunter it  means keeping your catch fresher and colder longer. For the cottage or backyard party cooler it's an ice pack that keeps your sandwiches, beer and beverages cooler longer.
Techni Ice has been proven the world's best ice pack. Take a look at this chart:

Unlike The Ice Packs Or Bags of Ice You're Used To, Techni Ice Remains Flexible When Frozen

Forget big, bulky bags of ice that never seem to fit right in the cooler, or gel pack bricks that could break a toe if you drop them, Techni Ice remains flexible when frozen making it the ultimate in cooler or lunch bag convenience. Use 2 or 3 sheets to line the inside of your cooler, wrap colder-than-ice Techni Ice around your beverage or beer bottle, hang it over the edges of your wine bucket, and in the case of injury it's an instant cold pack that wraps around a leg or arm. The convenience of a product that remains flexible when frozen is truly amazing.... once you start using Techni Ice instead of bagged ice and gel packs you'll soon discover many of your own unique uses around the house or cottage, at your kid's soccer or baseball game, on family vacations, camping etc.

You Can Cut This Ice Pack Up Into The Size You Want---Even 3 Inch Squares

Each sheet of Techni Ice is compromised of cells of super cooling polyacrylate polyalcohol co-polymer refrigerant, which are separated by easy-to-cut strips of textile and plastic.

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Techni Ice Customers Include People Whose Businesses Depend On Techni Ice Cooling Power.

Techni Ice stays frozen longer, is flexible when frozen, can be cut up into smaller pieces, and can also be heated in the microwave to keep food hot or to soother aching muscles. With results like these, it's no wonder Techni Ice is Australia's best-selling ice pack
Techni Ice is widely used by physiotherapists as a long-lasting hot/cold therapy pack.

It is also a favourite product of catering companies, bartenders and pizza shops.

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